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Zami Catering: Bris Menu

We offer a variety of style menus including traditional & contemporary Jewish kosher cuisine: 

Sephardic, Ashkenaz, American, Israeli, Middle Eastern, Persian and all custom designed menus.
If It's Kosher - We got it.


Hospitality Station

Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee

Milk, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Equal, Splenda

Orange Juice/Cranberry Juice

To be set Bakery Style the following items:

Mini Croissants

Mini Danishes

Mini Rugalah








Cold Delicacies

Spinach Salad with Roasted Yams and Walnuts

Sliced Tomato and Mozzarella with Basil Vinaigrette

Greek Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, and Calamato Olives

Artichoke Caprese Salad

Baby Romaine Caesar Salad with Garlic Toast Points

Kale Salad with Mango and Radishes

Deconstructed Salad Nicose

Red and White Quinoa Salad with Caramelized Onions

Sliced Avocado

Set with Citrus Wedges


Candied Beets and Feta Cheese

 with Lemon Cumin Vinaigrette


Displayed on Cermaic Platters

Smoked Whitefish

Smoked Sable

Smoked Tuna

Gravad Lox

Set with Caviar



Crudite of Cheese

Syrian Cheese

String Cheese

Plain Cream Cheese

Scallion Cream Cheese

Vegetable Cream Cheese

Walnut Raisin Cream Cheese


Cheese Board





Jalepeno Infused

Olive Infused


Bread Display

Assorted Mini Hard Bagels

French Baguettes

Italian Bread

French Bread

Zaatar Chips



Omelet Station

Our chefs will make to order regular and egg white omelets

with a variety of fillings, which include:

Sautéed Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, Three Colored Peppers,

Spinach, Tomatoes, and Cheeses.



Hot Foods Served from Chafers

Everything Encrusted Tuna
Mini Eggplant Roltini

Skewered Cornflake French Toast

Calsones with Noodles


Thyme and Lemon Scented Roasted Potatoes



Dessert Table

Specialty Cake
Assorted Breakfast Pastries


Assorted Dairy Pastries
Assorted Mini Cheesecakes

Creme Brulee


Mini Eclairs


Assorted Cookies

Monogrammed Cookies

Homemade Cookie



Fresh Exotic Fruit

Fruit Display
Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Hawaiian Pineapple, Watermelon
Cascading Green and Red Grapes
Blueberries and Cherries


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